Top 10 Indian Cars 2021 | Make In India Cars | भारतीय कारें 2021 | safety rating indian cars


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Top 10 Indian Cars 2021 | Make In India Cars | भारतीय कारें 2021 | safety rating indian cars

We have compiled a list of 10 of the best locally produced cars, which you can buy in the Indian market today and go vocal for local
Make in India is an initiative taken up by the Government of India in 2014, encouraging companies to manufacture their products in India and incentivise with dedicated investments into manufacturing. The said initiative covers 25 sectors of the Indian economy, and the automobile sector is a part of it as well.

With the recent tension at the territorial borders, the Make in India initiative has again come into limelight. The only difference is that the movement has helped the country come a long way, especially in the automobile industry. Cars produced by local manufacturers today go neck and neck against offerings from foreign brands.
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