Series Video #1: Survival Tools for Parents Raising Kids with Child Anxiety or Child OCD

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If you are raising a child with child OCD or child anxiety, sign up for this series and get the link to the series website where you can take the quizzes and download the PDF resources, as well as join our private FB group go to:


Helping our kids with anxiety or OCD is a marathon, not a sprint. I’m about to take you on a journey, if you’ll let me. I am going to walk you through how to survive the minefield that is often parenting a child with these struggles.

I am going to throw you a life preserver and map out the best route for you.

You’ll get a complete understanding of what steps you need to take to start helping your child, no matter where they’re currently at.

But if we were going on a journey, we wouldn’t just start driving. No, we would have to find out where we were in order to know where we want to go.

In this first video, I talk to you about how to assess both you and your child’s current baseline. On the website, under the video, you’ll find two quick quizzes that will help you figure out where you should focus first.

There is a starting point no matter where you are in this journey, but you need to know what that is in order to begin.

I have been impressed with how many of you are going all in with this series and are carving out time each day to watch these videos and join us for discussions in the Series Facebook group. It shows how dedicated you are to do everything in your power to help your child and your family.

After you watch the first video in the series, join me on Friday for my first Facebook Live. It will be at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT, but I will make sure to pin the replay to the top of the Facebook group for those that can’t make it live.

Use the hashtag #ATSERIES and post your a-ha’s from the first video in the Series Facebook group to be entered into a drawing to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card or a $127 Anxiety or OCD online class (your choice). We’ll have raffles every facebook live.

The second video will come out on Tuesday, Oct. 20th and the final video will come out on Thursday Oct. 22nd. At the end of the series I will open up the doors to my AT Parenting Community and invite you to join us.

But regardless of whether you decide to continue your journey with us or not, you’ll leave this free series feeling supported and guided, knowing you have a plan in place on how to support your child.
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