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The crew is getting ready to train for the Intergalactic Space-A-Lympics and everyone is gung ho to hit the track and except Orbit. He’s not very good at sports. The crew promise to coach him so he can join in and they head to the Sports Planet. Although they try to help him and he gives the track and field events his best shot, Orbit just can’t cut it. However Orbit ends up discovering he has a special skill all his own - one that comes in very handy in the end.
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About The Show: ROB THE ROBOT
Rob The Robot is a Fun Cartoon Series, Follow Rob and Friends in their adventures as they explore, solve problems and make amazing discoveries throughout the Robot Galaxy, in this 3D animated preschool series full of fun and laughter.
Rob is the galaxy’s most curious and adventurous robot as he explores wondrous planets with his friends Ema – the alien linguist, TK – the wheeling toolkit, and Orbit – the quirky artist.

Robot The Robot Gang:
He’s the leader of this group of clever explorers. Rob is sincere, thoughtful, positive and proactive. Looking out for his friends is priority number one

This clunky little robot is a fun-loving dreamer. Orbit always sees the potential for creativity and art.

Ema is a cute little alien girl. She’s the oldest of the characters and the only one who’s not a robot. She’s sporty and smart but a little bit bossy.

TK stands for toolkit! She’s the speedy little technician! She’s the builder, the fixer, the planner and the problem solver.

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