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For this EP, we have revisited 3 songs, each from Khwaab(2015), Zia(2017) and Rooh(2019). Over years of touring and performing to promote these albums, we developed a strong connect with these songs and decided to take it to the drawing board, reimagine and reconstruct them. Although they are known to listeners, these songs will be shown in a very different light and create a familiar yet unexpected and unique ambience.

00:00 Ativa (Reprised)
05:10 Reminiscence (Reprised)
10:42 Rooh (Reprised)

Video & Animation by Vishal Gore
art by Tanaya Sharma

produced & recorded by aswekeepsearching
mixed and mastered by Adhiraj Singh, Refractor Studios

#aswekeepsearching #ambient #reprised
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